The Go-To Attorney for White Collar Cases

Hiring a knowledgeable white collar criminal defense attorney is vital for your case. White collar criminal cases are complex, requiring specialized knowledge and unique skill. Attorney W. Scott Harkey has handled thousands of white collar criminal cases as a prosecutor and defense attorney. He chartered the North Carolina Financial Crimes Unit where he successfully prosecuted some of North Carolina’s most sophisticated and high-profile white collar cases. Eventually serving as the senior financial crimes prosecutor for the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys.

The Investigative Process in White Collar Cases

Lengthy and thorough investigations typically precede criminal charges in a white collar case. Obtaining a competent and qualified white collar criminal defense attorney at an early stage is critical. Harkey is a board-certified specialist in North Carolina Criminal Law.  And he is considered by his peers to be a subject-matter authority in white collar criminal matters. He has worked side-by-side with dozens of government investigative agencies – including the FBI, Secret Service, NCSBI, IRS, Secretary of State, DMV, and hundreds of local law enforcement agencies. Harkey possesses the specialized knowledge and experience required to defend white collar criminal cases from beginning to end.

Unmatched Experience

Our firm has handled some of the most notorious white collar criminal cases in modern North Carolina history. Since 2013, attorney W. Scott Harkey has tried more white collar matters in North Carolina than any other lawyer. To learn more about the white-collar criminal cases we have successfully handled, click here.

White Collar Offenses

Obtaining Property by False Pretenses
Securities Fraud
Mortgage Fraud
Identity Theft
Wire Fraud
Mail Fraud
Tax Fraud
Financial Card Fraud
Healthcare and Medicaid Fraud
Insurance Fraud
Floor Plan Fraud
DMV Investigations
FCPA Investigations
Asset Forfeiture
Public Corruption
Obstruction of Justice
Anti-Kick Back Violations

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