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Hiring a knowledgeable white collar criminal defense attorney is vital for your case. White collar criminal cases are complex, requiring specialized knowledge and unique skill.

Attorney W. Scott Harkey has handled thousands of white collar criminal cases as a prosecutor and defense attorney.

He chartered the North Carolina Financial Crimes Unit where he successfully prosecuted some of North Carolina’s most sophisticated and high-profile white collar cases. He eventually served as the senior financial crimes prosecutor for the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys.

Harkey Litigation is based in Winston Salem, NC.

From government investigations and other internal investigations to charges of fraud, white collar crime encompasses an area of law that tends to carry serious sentencing. Each criminal defense case is intricate, meaning there are a lot of opportunities for missteps that can undermine a good defense.

At Harkey Litigation we pride ourselves on detailed fact-gathering, planning, and anticipating how government agencies will mount their cases. By doing so, we can help control the narrative and provide the strongest likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Other types of white collar defense cases we’ve been involved in include:

  • Securities and accounting fraud
  • Perjury and false statements
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

White collar defense attorneys typically represent corporations, senior executives, and public officials. If your case goes to trial, it’s crucial to have a well-organized defense, both for the information you’ve gathered to defend yourself as well as to best withstand the questions and interviews by the prosecution throughout.

In scenarios where we can avoid going to trial, either by having the case dismissed or by taking a favorable plea offer, those opportunities still come only through an expertly crafted defense strategy.

The Investigative Process in White Collar Cases in Winston Salem, NC

Lengthy and thorough investigations typically precede criminal charges in a white collar case. Obtaining a competent and qualified white collar criminal defense attorney at an early stage is critical.

Harkey is a board-certified specialist in North Carolina Criminal Law — and he is considered by his peers to be a subject-matter authority in white collar criminal matters.

He has worked side-by-side with dozens of government investigative agencies – including the FBI, Secret Service, NCSBI, IRS, Secretary of State, DMV, and hundreds of local law enforcement agencies. Harkey possesses the specialized knowledge and experience required to defend white collar criminal cases from beginning to end — in Winston Salem and beyond.

Unmatched Experience as a Winston Salem White Collar Attorney

Our firm has handled some of the most notorious white collar criminal cases in modern North Carolina history.

Since 2013, attorney W. Scott Harkey has tried more white collar matters in North Carolina than any other lawyer.

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Common Questions About White Collar Defense Cases

Can Criminal Investigations Happen At The Same Time As Civil Suits?

Yes, they can. Government bodies may launch criminal investigations that corporations and executives need to prepare to defend against, but private parties may also file their own civil suits against the same defendant. Often the particulars of the lawsuits will be similar, but it’s important to hire a defense attorney skilled enough to mount a proper defense for both cases.

What Is The Immediate Value Of Hiring A White Collar Defense Attorney?

While white collar cases that go to trial can be lengthy, you also have to consider your business’ reputation and viability in the short term. Having an experienced team in your corner helps you stay in control of the narrative, know what to say and when not to answer questions that may make things more difficult for you.

The success of the case begins before trial, and given the stakes involved in white collar charges you want to give yourself every advantage.

How Serious Are Investigations By Federal Agencies?

Quite often these investigations lead to felony charges. Felonies are serious, and can negatively impact your ability to get credit, apply for jobs, or in some cases even travel. If you’ve been charged with a felony or are being investigated, it’s something to take seriously.

Do I Need A Lawyer Even If I Plan To Plead Guilty?

It’s a good idea for a few reasons. First, you want to make sure you fully understand the charges brought against you and what pleading guilty to them truly means long term. You should also get a clearer picture of your chances of a defense to plead not guilty and properly weigh your options.

And if you are being offered a plea bargain by the prosecution, you definitely want an attorney to look it over to ensure it’s in your best interest and that what you are being offered is fair, given the circumstances. Sometimes a deal seems better than it really is, and rushing to agree to it may not be advantageous.

White Collar Offenses

Obtaining Property by False Pretenses
Securities Fraud
Mortgage Fraud
Identity Theft
Wire Fraud
Mail Fraud
Tax Fraud
Financial Card Fraud
Healthcare and Medicaid Fraud
Insurance Fraud
Floor Plan Fraud
DMV Investigations
FCPA Investigations
Asset Forfeiture
Public Corruption
Obstruction of Justice
Anti-Kick Back Violations

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