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The outcome of a particular case cannot be predicated on a lawyer or law firm’s past results. The cases mentioned on this website are illustrative of matters handled by the managing partner of the firm. Individual case results depend upon a variety of factors that are unique to each case. Not all case results are provided and prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

  • DateCriminal ChargesClientResult
  • 2024Federal Post Release Supervision ViolationS.C.No Violation Found
  • 2024Federal Felony Gun ChargeB.T.Downward Variance & Probation
  • 2024Felony Disclosure of Private ImagesL.S.Conditional Discharge
  • 2024Assault on Law Enforcement OfficerM.D.Not Guilty Verdict
  • 2023Insurance Fraud & ConspiracyA.C.Conditional Discharge Dismissal
  • 2023Habitual Felon and Felony Breaking & EnteringJ.S.Plea to Trespassing
  • 2023Federal Post Release Supervision ViolationR.I.Violation Reduced and Time Served
  • 2023Obtaining Property by False PretensesB.D.Dismissed
  • 2023Felony EmbezzlementJ.N.Dismissed
  • 2023Assault with a Deadly WeaponV.K.Not Guilty Verdict
  • 2023Assault on FemaleJ.I.Not Guilty Verdict
  • 2023AssaultP.R.Not Guilty Verdict
  • 2023Possession of Firearm by FelonD.D.Dismissed
  • 2023Felony 2nd Degree KidnappingB.A.Plea to Misd. Contributing to Delinquency of Minor
  • 2023Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon Serious Injury J.G.Dismissed
  • 2023Felony 2nd Degree KidnappingC.T.Dismissed
  • 2023Felony Possession of CocaineJ.S.Conditional Discharge Dismissal
  • 2022Exploitation of Older AdultW.U.Dismissed & Expunged
  • 2022Driving While ImpairedW.L.Dismissed
  • 2022Felony Armed RoberryD.N.Dismissed
  • 2022Assault on FemaleA.G.Not Guilty Verdict
  • 2022Federal Immigration FraudJ.R.Hung Jury
  • 2022Felony Possession of Schedule II Controlled SubstanceD.D.Conditional Discharge Dismissal and Expunction
  • 2022Felony Abduction of ChildD.F.Plea to Misd. Contributing to Delinquency of Minor
  • 2022Felony Disclosure of Private ImagesJ.B.Dismissed
  • 2021Felony 2nd Degree KidnappingK.L.Plea to Misdemeanor Simple Assault
  • 2021Statutory Rape AllegationsE.N.Not Charged
  • 2021First Degree Rape AllegationsA.S.Not Charged
  • 2021Identity Theft & Obtaining Property by False PretenseJ.T.Dismissed
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