Complex civil litigation is, as the name implies, much for involved than typical litigation cases. There are a lot more moving pieces, and the cases tend to go on for much longer. Sometimes years.

These types of cases can be situations such as:

  • Class action lawsuits
  • Contract disputes with subcontractors
  • Goods agreements taking place over state lines
  • Cases with multiple parties and multiple jurisdictions
  • Cases where large amounts of money are at stake, where there might be media attention

W. Scott Harkey’s experience as a state prosecutor forged a strong skill set for investigation within these complex legal scenarios. His track record of success exemplified the ability to navigate high-pressure situations with a lot of moving parts.

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“The real deal. This man has a gift. If you want a top notch high quality attorney that cares, then this is your guy! I mean a real genuine human being! I was blown away with his knowledge of law and even more proud that he’s a good man. He knows law and he is the best attorney that I could’ve asked for.”
– Antonio Hairston

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