Sophisticated Representation

Honesty, good faith, and integrity are essential to human relationships. Unfortunately, not all people and businesses subscribe to these values. Our firm fights hard for victims of fraud and we zealously pursue their cases.

Experienced Counsel

Competent representation is essential at the outset. Many fraud cases are won and lost at an early stage. It is important to retain experienced counsel who will act quickly on your behalf. Since 2013, W. Scott Harkey has successfully tried more fraud cases than any other lawyer and recovered millions of dollars for victims of fraud.

What We Do

At our firm, we represent consumers and businesses who are the victims of fraud and abuse. In some cases, you may be eligible to receive treble damages – three times the amount of actual and compensatory damages. We will do everything possible to recovery what you have lost.

Possible Causes of Action

Intentional Disruption of a Business Relationship
Contract Interference
Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices
Consumer Fraud
Securities Fraud
Investment Fraud
Fair Debt Collection Practices
Construction Fraud
Undue Influence
Elder Fraud
Power of Attorney Abuse

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